Education Program

PNDO is working with 34 schools in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand. Ensured over 2,000 displace children and migrant children from Burma attending in Thai government schools and Over 50 migrant student continuing to university level and 3 student completed bachelor degree.  
PNDO setup and supporting 3 nursery schools and 5 boarding house for accommodation for displace and migrant children to attend school. Provided one store building and 2 dining rooms with necessary facilities in two schools. 

Since 2003 PNDO is running Children’s Home project and providing accommodation, facilities, food, school fees and essential assistants for 32 orphan and poor displace and migrant children from Myanmar to access education in Thailand. Currently 18 children attending middle school level and the rest are attending primary level.

PNDO is working with 99 schools in Southern Shan State, Myanmar. Currently running 2 Children’s Home Project in Southern Shan State, Myanmar. The first Children Home Project is started 2003 with 50 children. Currently increase to over 850 student and providing up to university with distance learning. There were over 20 student graduated bachelor degree and working as teachers in this project. The second one is started 2009 with 30 children and currently increase to 86 student and up to seven grade. 
2003 to 2010 PNDO supported schools stationaries and teaching supplies to 34 schools in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand and 99schools in Southern Shan State, Myanmar.

Health Program

PNDO Backpack medic team working in internally displace villages in Myanmar and Thai border villages. Our health team provided water and sanitation training to two internally displace villages and assisted on setting up water system for target villages. Assisted clean water system in one targeted village in Thailand. We also provided big water tanks to 10 targeted villages and 12 school for clean water system. Provided drinking water filters to 10 schools in Thailand and 7 schools in Myanmar and working closely with ICRC to assist displace and migrant people from Myanmar to access health care in Thai hospitals. 

Capacity Building Program

Human Right Training

PNDO conducted 3 Human Rights Training of Trainer Trainings for 52 trainers in 2001, 2003 and 2011. PNDO trained trainers provided Human Rights training to 11 Thai border villages and 6 villages in Myanmar.  

Drug Education Training

PNDO provide two Drug and Alcohol abuse GVB/SGVB trainings to 15 trainers in 2004 and 2006 and trained trainers provided training back in 18 targeted villages in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand. 

Youth Capacity Building Training

Since 2005 PNDO is providing capacity trainings to PNDO staffs and over 30 youth from Myanmar topics on Effective Facilitation skill, Office Management, Financial Management, Community Mobilization, Leadership, Effective Communication, Effective Presentation skills, Planing and organizing effective meeting, Strategic Planning, Computer training.

Summer Vacation Training

PNDO provided Summer Teacher Capacity Building training to over 150 teachers in 2012 and 2013 in Myanmar.

Community Relief and Development Program

Community Agriculture and Nutrition Project

PNDO setup community agriculture and nutrition projects for food security and environmental health in three targeted villages in Thailand and in Pa’O self-administrative areas(Hopong, Hsi-hseng and Pinlaung) in Myanmar.

Broom Making and Weaving Training

PNDO have organized Broom making and weaving training to 18 targets villages in Thailand for family income. We’re planning to implement this project in Myanmar as future plan.

Cultural and Literacy Training

PNDO have conducted cultural training in 18 targeted villages. There were 4 cultural team setup by community and participating in important event and activities in the community level and provincial level. 

Other Developments

We, our organization also provide blankets, mosquito nets and warm clothes to target villages in Thailand and internally displace villages in Myanmar.

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