Capacity Building

Under Capacity Building program PNDO is conducting several capacity building trainings and projects. Main projects are Human Rights and awareness raising projects, Drug abuse education project, Youth capacity building project, Community management and leadership projects and Teacher Capacity Building project, etc.

  • Computer Training

PNDO also provide computer training to youth as youth capacity building project. Other than that PNDO also provide youth debate activities and other topics as well.

  • Drug & Alcohol Education

PNDO provide two Drug and Alcohol abuse GVB/SGVB trainings to 15 trainers in 2004 and 2006 and trained trainers provided training back in 19 targeted villages in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand. We had conducted Drug Education projects to schools and target community. We had trained 15 trainers of students and community members and they had provided Drug education and complications of drug abuse to community member.

Our trained trainers had provided Drug education and Gender Base Violence prevention trainings to 570 community member in 19 villages Pang Ma Pha and Mae Hong Son districts in Thailand. Community in target areas said they don’t know the affect and consequence of drug abused. Many women in the community smoke and drink a lot and many women and man quit smoking and drinking after receiving trainings.

  • Human Rights Education Project

PNDO conducted 3 Human Rights and Legal System Training of Trainer Trainings for 52 trainers in 2001, 2003 and 2011. PNDO trained trainers provided Human Rights and Legal System training to 11 Thai border villages and 6 villages in Myanmar. Target community member in Myanmar are requesting PNDO to provide more human rights and legal trainings for them.

  • Political Empowerment Training

As the Myanmar is under way to Democracy path, PNDO also provided the political empower training as youth capacity building to increase the political knowledge of Pa-O youth including other ethnic whose live in our target area.