Naung Taung Children's Home

Naung Taung Monastery was founded in April 2000, and it started with only 3 monks and 27 novices. As first, it started teaching the novices for Basic Buddhism and primary education in the monastery and gradually the novices increased and started monastic education with them. Later it added kinder garden school and library in the monastery. In 2006; it was exceeded as a secondary level school and accepted the university students for free computer training and speaking class. Since 2010, the abbot accepts the students who were really difficult to learn their middle and matriculation education and extended long terms activities for computer training, English Speaking Course and social and community development in 2012. Now there are about 2500 students including monks, novices and students in the monastic school and giving different training depend on their needs and interests by networking with BYEP and other organization.

– To build the developed community by promoting educated people through Naung Taung Monastic School

1. Any religion and class have to be skillful in basic education and have a chance to learn in English speaking and Computer
2. The students who have limited resources for education can be easily to learn in education
3. To be a good person through working with the spirit for the sake of others
4. To love and maintain religion, traditional culture and costume.